Sunday, February 23, 2014

Blog Post #6

This weeks blog post is on personal learning networks or PLNs for short. What are PLN's you ask? Well a PLN is a network that you use to keep up with other learners or teachers, as well as where you keep your sources of learning. You can also store items that you use on a daily basis for shopping, videos, or music. PLNs are useful for teachers since you can collaborate with other teachers and professionals. They are also good for your students to use since they can organize all their websites and resources in one place. You can use different websites to create your PLN such as Symbaloo or Netvibes. I chose to use Symbaloo to create my PLN. In it I put some websites that I use on a regular basis as well as some other resources to try out.



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  2. Hello Meagan. I, too, picked Symballo as the Genesis of my own personal learning network. I believe Symballo is an excellent organizational tool. I also understand this tool allows for students and teachers to connect, share, and learn about interesting and informative topics. I also believe collaboration is important because it allows students and teachers to share knowledge and information. Twitter is also an effective tool because it allows educators to connect and share valuable information with individuals all around the world.

  3. "You can also store items that you use on a daily basis for shopping, videos, or music." I am not at all sure that these are part of a PLN. I think you may be confusing a method of keeping track of a OLN with the actual contents.