Sunday, March 2, 2014

C4K Summary for February

C4K #1 Week 1:Alayna

This week I was assigned to Alayna, a student in Mrs. Reuter's class. In her blog she wrote about how they had been using ToonDoo as well as Make Beliefs Comix. These programs allow the students to create comics on whatever topic they want to. They had only been using these programs a week in class and she already had a preference of which program she preferred. I think either on of these sites would be an awesome teaching aid in the classroom. Students can make comics based on the subject area they are learning about. For example if students have a history research project on a United States president, they could use the president as one of the characters. This character could then tell their life history or some major events that took place during their presidency. Students can then present this to other students which makes it more interesting than just reading out of a book.

C4K #2 Week 2:Camilo

This week I was assigned to Camilo, a student in Mrs. Little's class. In Camilo's post he told how he had been injured during the day. He later had a play date that made it better though.
My response to this was that I hoped he was okay since it sounded like it hurt. I said that play dates are always fun, especially if it is with a really good friend. I told him to keep up the good work in his class as well as on his blog.

C4K #3 Week 3:Tatyanna

This week I was assigned to Tatyanna, a student in Ms. Ruiz's 3rd grade class. The class post this week was on a book they are reading and the thoughts and reactions to what they read. Tatyanna commented on why she liked one character over the other in the story. She gave some personality traits of the characters and said whether or not she would get along with them. My response to her post was that I have read the story as well and really enjoyed it. I agreed with her on the traits of the characters. She did a good job on her blog and I told her so and to continue to do well in class.

C4K #4 Week 2:Tristan X

This week I was assigned to Tristan X a student in Mrs. Long's class. He wrote about marijuana and gave different facts for or against the legalization of marijuana. He presented very good facts for either or. I did learn that some doctors use marijuana as a replacement for inhalers in asthma patients. Tristan did a very good job on his post and presented valid and interesting facts about marijuana.


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