Sunday, January 19, 2014

Blog Assignment #1

When walking into EDM 310 I have to admit I was anxious, and to be honest I still am. I had not heard anything about EDM 310 prior to walking into class, but I knew it was going to be a challenge. Growing-up around technology I thought that I knew a good bit about how to find my way around a computer. Boy was I wrong! After the first class and signing up for my first blog I realized I had more learning to do than I thought.

EDM 310 is not like any course I have ever had before. This class is going to force me to learn how to do my assignments, not just memorize how to do them. It is going to challenge me to explore what technology is capable of and use programs that I might have never heard of before. In a way this frightens me because I will be using programs that I am not familiar with. At the same time, I am excited about learning how to do these unfamiliar tasks on my own. In other courses my teachers have just told me what I need to know, I learn it then forget it. I feel that since the tasks are going to build on what I learn that I am going to have to know this stuff by heart and use it continuously till it sticks.

One of the things I think will be the most difficult for me in EDM 310 will be the course load. This class requires more time than many, if not all, of the classes I have taken thus far. If I diligently do my homework and other assignments ahead of time I believe it will help me succeed in this class. Procrastinating is the worst possible thing that I could do! Missing one assignment will put me behind and it will be difficult to catch up since we are learning something new all the time. I believe that by keeping an open mind, doing my assignments on time, and most importantly remaining calm will help me succeed and get what I need out of this class. I am sure I will have plenty of questions in the future, but I have a good source of information with my teacher, student assistants, other students, and of course the internet to help me along the way.
Me giving two thumbs up


  1. Hi Megan,
    We have the same idea about this class, keep calm and don't procrastinate. :) Good Luck!

  2. "In a way this frightens me because I will be using programs that I am not familiar with." Does learning frighten you? That is what education is about!