Saturday, April 26, 2014

C4K Summary for April

C4K #9 Rocky
This weeks C4K student was Rocky, a student in Mrs. Nua and Mr. Barks class. He posted on Fia Fia, which is a dance competition or show. The dance that his group did was called gailau. I could not find any information on gailau, but I did look up Fia Fia since I was not sure what it was. I found that they are dance shows which consist of native dances done by a group of individuals.
Fia Fia
Rocky seemed to be very proud of this group that he danced with and seems to really enjoy this activity. He wrote a very descriptive paragraph about how everyone, including himself, was acting before they went on stage. This description made the reader feel as if they were right there with him feeling the excitement of performing.

C4K #10 Akosita
This weeks C4K student was Akosita, a student in Ms. Lavakula's class. She posted on a game she played called "Cops and Robbers". This is a game that helps children to plot coordinates on a graph. Students have to determine whether to go up,down, right, or left based on numbers given to them. Akosita did a tremendous job on putting a working link as well as a screenshot on her blog. I even tried the game and enjoyed playing it since you want to try and beat your previous score.

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